the North Shore's Premier Bra Fitter

Do I need an appointment for a bra fitting?

No, just come in and we will take care of you.

Do you charge for fittings?

Absolutely not. 

How do I reserve the space for a bras & mimosas party for my friends?


What are your top-selling brands?

Marie Jo, PrimaDonna, Empreiente, Simone Perele, P.Jamas, Wacoal & Hanro. Many of our brands are boutique brands  from Europe that are not available in department stores. Marie Jo & Empreinte are great examples.  Once our customers try these brands, they're hooked!

Do you do first fittings?

Yes! We do have some entry-level bras for young ladies. 

How small do you go?

We have a terrific selection of 30 bands, and we definitely can fit A-cups as well. We try to keep the selection in small sizes just as unique & beautiful as we do for larger sizes.

How large do you go?

We do have some 44 bands on hand at all times, but if needed we special order for our customers once we determine their proper size.  We also try to offer pretty bras in large sizes. We have up to H cup on hand in many sizes, though G cup is more in demend.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes. We are family friendly. Lots of our moms bring in their kids. We do have a toy box, but bringing in devices to keep them occupied also seems to work well. 

Do you have items for all age groups?

Yes, definitely. We are a multi-generational shop. Daughters, mothers & grandmothers all shop here. That's the secret to our success.

Do you sell mostly lacy, racy lingerie?

Actually, no! Not all all. We sell some, but we specialize in practical but beautiful lingerie. We definitely have some super-sexy / racy stuff, but not a ton. T-shirt bra reign supreme here.

How do you fit a bra well?

Well someone once called us the bra whisperers, but it does help that we carry exceptional stock! It's all about finding the cup shape / design that flatters your body-type. Once we establish that for our customers it's easy for us to move the process along. (And become your beloved lingerie ladies.)